10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Low Cost Carriers

Low cost airline companies’ presence in our country is on the rise, so following is some advice about flying with these companies.

  1. Does the ticket’s low price influence the quality of service?

No! There is no need to be afraid of low cost companies. Low price does not imply bad quality. On the contrary, the service is fair, planes are reliable, flights are conducted on time and destinations are more attractive than ever before. But it is important to individually come to a decision that the low cost company is the right choice for you because of the certain “rules of the game” which these companies enforce.

  1. How much in advance do I have to purchase the ticket?

The sooner, the better! This means that for certain cities, during a season when a lot of people are travelling to these destinations (like London or Paris in summer), tickets should be purchased up to six months in advance. It is never too early if you aim at the cheap tickets.

  1. How to purchase and pay for a ticket?

You can purchase a ticket by using either a debit or credit card. Some companies, like Wizz Air, offer payment via bank transfer, but within 24 hours from making a reservation. Tourist agencies are another option and a good place to get all the information you need in case you are not certain what pre flight procedures to expect.

  1. Should I do everything online?

Yes! Everything you forget to do online, low cost company will charge you costly at the airport. If you didn’t do online check-in, it will cost you between 10 and 80 Euros (depending on a company) to do it at the airport. If you didn’t pay luggage fee, it will cost you much more to pay at the airport. Plan everything well. The good news is that you can pay luggage fee up until 3 hours before the flight.

  1. Is the flight date changeable?

Yes, it is! It is not a problem to change the flight date if necessary, but it requires an additional payment that will make you lose all the low fare benefits. Some companies, like Wizz Air even allow passenger name changes which are not possible with regular air companies.

  1. Is low cost company the right choice if you travel one way?

Yes! The return ticket is the exact sum of two one-way tickets combined, which is not the case with most of the regular companies.

  1. Is it possible to make a reservation for a transfer to a city?

Yes! Low cost companies mostly use smaller airports so they offer low cost airport transfer service to a city after landing. This service is also cheaper if you pay in advance and online, and one more good reason to plan everything with great detail.

  1. Do low cost companies offer business class?

No! Low cost companies don’t have a business class. Furthermore, while checking-in you will not get your seat number, but who cares. If you want to have a better seat you can pay an extra service that will guarantee you to be seated in a row with more space between seats.

  1. What are the services which are not offered at the flights operated by low cost companies?

Low cost companies don’t offer some of the services that regular companies do. Some of these services are: accompanying minors, pet transport, sport weapon transport etc.

  1. Do low cost companies have everyday flights to certain destinations?

No! Low cost companies don’t have everyday flights to all offered destinations so any changes of the scheduled flight date can prove to be difficult. This is the reason why low cost companies are not suited for business purposes, but are just the right choice for preplanned vacations.


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