5 reasons why Paris is the City of Love

Paris – the City of Love! But why is this, actually? We went looking for the most romantic spots and highlights of this beautiful city. Here are a few reasons why Paris fascinates us – especially when there are two of us to enjoy it.

1. Because of the Eiffel Tower

What does the Eiffel Tower have to do with love? You only really find out when you’re standing in front of it! ; ) Just looking at this unique landmark is enough to put you in a romantic mood. No wonder, then, that there have been quite so many marriage proposals made here. The mood is particularly lovely after nightfall – when the Eiffel Tower is lit up in an amazing way and 20,000 lights twinkle for 5 minutes on the hour, every hour. Romantic highlight: dinner for two at the 58 Tour Eiffel. The restaurant is on the 1st Floor of the Eiffel Tower, and the experience of dining there will take your breath away.


2. Because of the lights

It’s not just the Eiffel Tower that is bathed in a sea of lights at night – it’s all Paris. Just before night actually falls, though, you should definitely watch the sunset, ideally from the Pont des Arts. This bridge is famed for its ‘love padlocks’ – more about these in Point 3 ; ) On foot or by boat? A nighttime walk through Paris has a very special attraction, as does a boat ride on the Seine. On the boat, you can just lean back and watch the sights such as Notre Dame and the Louvre slip by. On some ships, it’s even possible to dine during the trip. Details of these boat rides will be provided by most hotels.

boat ride on the Seine

3. Because of the love padlocks

The Pont des Arts links the Quai du Louvre on the right bank of the Seine with the Quai de Malaquais on the left bank, and is widely viewed as one of the most romantic places in Paris. Why? Because thousands of loving couples have vowed their undying love here – with the help of ‘love padlocks’. Countless numbers of these padlocks have been attached to the railings of the bridge; so many, in fact, that some of the padlocks are actually hanging from another padlock rather than the bridge itself, because there’s no space left. Some people have their names engraved on the padlocks, while some immortalise their love simply by writing their names and the date on the lock in felt-tip pen. They then throw the key in the Seine below – ensuring their love will last forever.

The Pont des Arts

4. Because of the food

Paris is not just an aesthetic pleasure, of course, but first and foremost a culinary one. The way to our hearts is through our stomachs, of course – and nobody knows this better than the French! ; ) France is a true Paradise for anyone who likes to eat and values great cooking. The French are true masters of the art, especially when it comes to sweet dishes. You’ll find numerous patisseries throughout Paris, where you can indulge in sweet pleasure. Facebook fan Dora L. recommends the Patisserie Carette (on Place des Vosges), which serves the best coffee and most delicious macaroons. The macaroon is a typically French meringue made of ground almonds which is produced in every imaginable colour.

Paris restaurant

5. Because I love you

The world’s most beautiful sentence has been immortalised in 311 different languages in Paris, on the Mur des je t’aime. The wall of love is a must-see for any loving couples visiting Paris. Designed by artists Frédéric Baron and Claire Kito, it is on a square at the Place des Abbesses, on the Hill of Montmartre. The Hill of Montmartre is the highest natural elevation in the city; its ‘summit’ (130 metres) is home to the marvellously beautiful Basilica of Sacré Cœur – one of the most important sights in the capital, and with an amazing view across all Paris. Tip: be sure to take a stroll through the Montmartre District. The impression of this artis‘ quarter is one of cobbled streets, small alleys, narrow stairways, arts and craft shops, and playful little details. It’s unbelievably charming, and the district where the film ‘Amélie’ was made.

Montmartre District

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