96% of tourists take a cruise to explore Helsinki

In 2015, Helsinki is expected to once again arriving approximately 420 000 international cruise guests who leave the city average of EUR 65, totaling almost EUR 28 million. Almost all cruise ship passengers go ashore in Helsinki. Particularly satisfied they are with the local friendliness.

helsinki01_1024x768 (1)In summer 2014 the City of Helsinki commissioned a study, which determine, among other things, behavior, budgeting and customer satisfaction cruise guests. The study showed that the experience of almost all respondents (91%) met the expectations of Helsinki, and more than half said the experience exceeded their expectations. They were especially satisfied Helsinki kindness: up to 99 per cent of respondents reported being satisfied with it.

Nearly all, 96 percent of the visitors take a cruise in Helsinki countries exploring the city either on guided tours or on your own. In Europe the figure is an average of 82 per cent (v. 2011). Cruise Tourists spend their countries about 4.5 hours. More than half of them to buy a guided tour to explore the city.

Most cruise passengers come from Germany. In 2014 the number of German cruise tourists grew by 7 per cent over the previous year. The next highest number of cruise passengers came to the United States, Great Britain, Spain and Canada.

Visit Helsinki coordinates the cruise industry’s own network of Helsinki Cruise Network (HCN), which aims to increase the competitiveness of Helsinki and Finland in the Baltic Sea cruise market, the development of mutual cooperation between the partners and cruise passengers services in Helsinki, and market them for shipping and cruise travelers. The network has more than 50 partners, including places to visit, restaurants, shops, program service companies, tour operators, and other cruise industry professionals. The City of Helsinki also participates in the Cruise Baltic in cooperation with marketing in one of the 26 other Baltic port city.

Source: travelarountheworld

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