Air Serbia announces codeshare with Air China

Air Serbia, the national airline of the Republic of Serbia, announced the implementation of a codeshare agreement with Air China, the national carrier of the People’s Republic of China. Air_Serbia_Airbus_A319_MilinkovicThe agreement will pave the way for closer commercial cooperation between the two airlines, further extend the partners’ networks and offer customers more choice when travelling between Europe and the Far East.

Under the agreement, effective May 5, a codeshare will be established on the Belgrade-Beijing route, whereby Air Serbia will place its “JU” code on Beijing-Vienna flights operated by Air China, while Air China will place its marketing code on the route operated by Air Serbia between Belgrade and Vienna. Additionally, both airlines will continue to explore additional connecting points, which will not only enable greater customer choice, but also help facilitate the partnership to grow.

The enhanced commercial cooperation between the two carriers is based on the renewed Air Services Agreement between Serbia and China. The aim was to update the agreement, originally established in 1972, and to define the regulatory framework for the relationship between the designated carriers of both countries, Air Serbia and Air China. The codeshare agreement follows a Special Prorate Agreement between Air Serbia and Air China, established in September 2014, which enabled both airlines to offer their guests access to a significant number of important destinations within their respective networks in Europe, Asia and Australia from Beijing, Shanghai and Belgrade.


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