Airlines updating cockpit procedures following the Germanwings crash

In light of the tragic news that the crash of Germanwings flight 9525 was a pilot suicide, airlines around the world are moving to enforce new rules surrounding pilots in the cockpit.

CorporateAb-2The revelations have prompted airlines around the world to apply a rule requiring two crew members to be in the cockpit if one of the pilots leaves for any reason. Many airlines will make the changes to their procedures effective immediately.

If one of the two pilots operating the flight needs to leave the cockpit for a short time, a crew member will be required to enter the cockpit in their place.

This new rule, whilst quickly being adopted by other airlines, was already in place in the United States and has been for years.

Other airlines that have adopted this new policy are:

Air New Zealand (NZ)
Air Transat (Canada)
Air Canada (Canada)
Westjet (Canada)
Flybe (UK)
Easyjet (UK)
Thomas Cook (UK)
Virgin Atlantic (UK)
Ryanair (UK)
Monarch (UK)
Norwegian (Scandinavia)
Air Berlin (Germany)
Lufthansa (Germany)
Germanwings (Germany)
Austrian Airlines (Austria)
Swiss International (Switzerland)
Icelandair (Iceland)


Source: AirlineRatings


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