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PhD student in Tourism. Teaching Assistat at the Faculty of Sport and Tourism. Author of a number of travel articles. Traveller. Explorer.

Oil drilling in the Adriatic Sea to put tourism in danger in Croatia

Croatia, known for its picturesque, pristine white beaches, fresh sea food and the best tasting wine has recently grown as a much favoured holiday destination for the Europeans. But with the latest announcement by the government that there will be oil drilling in the Adriatic Sea, there are chances that this glory of the Mediterranean will lose its charm in its pursuit for better commercial gains. More info

Babylon at threat of disappearing

Babylon is one of the most prized heritage sites in the world. Often referred to as the cradle of civilization, the city is home to important historical sites such as the Ishtar Gate, the Hanging Gardens and the Tower of Babel. However, a visit to this historic city will reveal something unnerving – it is deserted. More info