Goran Ruskuc

One of the founders of For many years he used to be a theater director and an advertising enthusiast. Currently he is a creative director at the agency FCB Afirma and the maddest cycler in Belgrade. Eternal nostalgic – for the good old times and good old journeys.


Srdjan Ruskuc
One of the founders of and mobile App Roomera. He understands the modern world of online reservation systems and the importance of social networks in tourism. A massive enthusiast when it comes to anything that has to do with the beauty of travel.


Jelena Farkic

Adventurous and creative soul, who loves spending time in nature, noticing tiny details and having coffee on her own. Crazy for marzipan, globes and snailmail.


Ivana Miskovic

PhD student in Tourism. Teaching Assistat at the Faculty of Sport and Tourism. Author of a number of travel articles. Traveller. Explorer.


Nena Slocer
Loves to explore, snoop around and enjoy her life, and later to pass the stories to others…


Lana Golubovic
Loves travelling and swimming, and one day she will adopt a dolphin.


Mina Radmilovic

PhD student in political science. Admirer of true beauty. Passionate about travelling, photography, smiles and love. A perfectionist in every sense.


Tijana Henn

Born in Novi Sad, but currently resides and works in Munich. She loves smiling, colours, Istra, lavender and wine.


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