What is car hire “excess insurance”?

How many times did you try to rent a car online and weren’t exactly sure what is an additional “excess insurance” for the chosen vehicle? When you search for suitable vehicles online – while choosing the type and the date – someone will always present you the possibility of an additional insurance.

Pay attention! CASCO insurance doesn’t always cover all the damages!

The answer is very simple: it is the service of additional insurance that covers all that can occur while the rented car is in your care provided that you did not consume any alcohol or narcotics. Thus, this insurance protects you from all kinds of unpleasant things that we all know exist and that can leave your rented car scratched or damaged.

Excess insurance is charged extra by the day and the price depends on the length of your stay, type of a vehicle and the destination where you rent your car. For example: if you are in a situation where someone scratches your car while it is parked in a city and you are not present at the scene, you will still have to report the damage upon returning the car.

Hand with money and toy car

In any case, it is most likely that an agent will notice the damage anyway. In both cases, after evaluation of the damage, rent-a-car agency will charge you (through your credit card) for the incurred damage. That is when the additional insurance you paid for comes into a play so that you will be reimbursed for the entire sum.

Therefore, we advise to always opt for the additional insurance by the day or additional “excess insurance” because that way you will have peace of mind while on a vacation or a business trip. Even more importantly, that is the only way to establish absolute control over your credit card (since you are not able to control potential damage to your rented car).

Bon voyage!

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