What is car hire “excess insurance”?

How many times did you try to rent a car online and weren’t exactly sure what is an additional “excess insurance” for the chosen vehicle? When you search for suitable vehicles online – while choosing the type and the date – someone will always present you the possibility of an additional insurance. More info

The way we used to travel and how we will travel in the future…?

Although it may seem like ancient history, not so long ago we travelled crammed in old cars such as Fica and Peglica, we slept in camps and modest union hotels spending our days carefree and barefooted on beaches without children day care, water parks, spa centers, jacuzzis, animators, massagers… we enjoyed it and nothing was missing. More info

Topic social networks – our enemies or new best friends?

Apart from the occasional taxi driver or a waiter, the average tourist doesn’t often get the opportunity to meet locals during his or her trip. However, things are slowly changing. Booking trips on-line can result in interesting encounters and friendships. More info

Low cost air companies – did we get used to them?

These companies have been present in our region for more than 10 years. When Wizz Air conducted its first flight from Belgrade in April 2011, many people already had significant experience in flying with low cost carriers via airports in Budapest or Timisoara. By now, we already have Wizz Air, Vueling, EasyJet, GermanWings, Norwegian. What did we learn so far?  More info

Adventure conference, Norway

Attracting an audience of over 300 participants, the conference was held at the end of November in the stunningly located town of Sogndal, organized in a partnership between the Centre for Recreation and Tourism Research, the Western Norway Research Institute, Sogn og Fjordane University College, the events company Bratt Moro, and the DMO Fjord Norway/NCE Tourism.

More info