Interesting Facts

World’s 1st luxurious underwater oxygen bar

Sub Sea Systems is very excited to introduce an innovative underwater attraction oxygen bar. The first Clear Lounge is operating at Carnival Corporation’s busiest transit, corporate-operated port — Puerta Maya in Cozumel, Mexico. A soft opening was celebrated on April 14th, with regularly scheduled tours starting April 23rd. More info

Holland’s longest tulip route named world’s ultimate road trips by National Geographic

Every year in spring, there is a spectacular ‘Flower-bulb route’ encompassing over 100km through nearly 2500 acres of flowering fields. The route has become the longest and most colourful route in Holland and even, according to National Geographic, one of the world’s ultimate road trips! More info

Seven charming non-capital European cities

We all know about the big European city breaks like Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam, but what about Maribor in Slovenia, Osijek in Croatia and Cadiz in Spain? If you’ve already been to all the big boys, or just want to venture off the well-beaten tourist track, it’s time to discover some seriously unsung cities. Here, we’ve picked seven cities across Europe that we think deserve some time in the limelight. More info