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Would you sleep atop the world’s most modern ski jump?

Calling all thrill-seeking ski bunnies: at the end of the month, Airbnb is giving away two nights in the penthouse atop Oslo’s Holmenkollen ski jump.

ski jump

The site of multiple Winter Olympics and World Championship competitions the “World’s most modern ski jump” is 60 meters high, but don’t get any ideas about an epic ride. Only pros are allowed to use the ramp.

If you think you can handle the height, submit 100 words on why you’d like to stay the night by March 16 and win a one night stay at the Holmenkollen ski-jump on Airbnb.

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Fukushima can`t stop growing tourism any more

The disaster of 2011, an earthquake and successive tsunami, that devastated the Tohoku coastline, killed thousands, and resulted in the worst nuclear crisis in a generation, also brought Japan’s tourism industry to its knees. Growing concerns about radiation discouraged scores of tourists from visiting Japan. More info

Netherlands, Belgium and France commemorate Van Gogh

Commemorating the 125th anniversary of the death of the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh, the tourist boards of the Netherlands, Belgium and France programmed, under the leadership of Van Gogh Europe, a series of events including exhibitions, meetings, festivals, and tours to honor the artist throughout 2015.

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The Azores – No.1 sustainable tourism destination

The Award for Platinum Quality Coast, the largest certification programme in the world, for 2014-2015 goes to the Portuguese archipelago of nine islands – Azores. The award identifies destinations that stand out in regard to sustainable tourism. This is the first time such an award is being presented. More info

Sardinian wines help local people live longer

Scientists have been trying for some time to figure out why the inhabitants of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia live on average longer than people in the rest of Europe. An unprecedentedly high percentage of the Sardinians are older than eighty years. According to the study recently published in Nature journal, genes, climate, food but also Sardinian red wine are the reasons behind the long life. More info