What is the probability of your plane crashing?

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It’s been a grisly 12-month period for the airline industry — from the two Malaysia Airlines accidents to the latest horrifying video of the TransAsia crash, there’s been no shortage of anxiety-producing aviation news. Other analysis from insurers shows a nearly $1 trillion risk exposure in aviation. More info

Tourism – an economic and social phenomenon


Over the decades, tourism has experienced continued growth and deepening ‎diversification to become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. ‎Modern tourism is closely linked to development and encompasses a growing number ‎of new destinations. These dynamics have turned tourism into a key driver for socio-‎economic progress.‎ More info

Old Tube tunnels could create London cycle network

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A subterranean network of cycle superhighways could help ease London’s congestion problems. The scheme, known as London Underline, would repurpose disused tube tunnels, stations and reservoir chambers to reduce the number of cyclists on the road in the centre of the city.  More info