Airbnb takes steps to become official part of the hospitality landscape in Europe

Airbnb will start collecting taxes from property owners in Amsterdam, following complaints from hoteliers in the city. In an agreement signed between the home sharing pioneer and city officials, Airbnb hosts will pay a tourist tax which will then be passed on to the authorities. More info

Lufthansa Group signed contract to use alternative fuels

The Lufthansa Group will be fuelling their aircraft at Oslo airport with a biokerosene mixture. The Group recently became the first airline group to sign this kind of contract with the Norwegian oil company Statoil Aviation. The Company is thus pushing forward along the path of research, testing and use of alternative fuels that it started on over four years ago. More info

Umbria Jazz music festival to attract fans from all over the world

Landscapes immersed in green valleys and hills; medieval villages and evocative places which encapsulate natural treasures such as Lake Trasimeno or the Marmore’s Falls and which recall the history and the main traditions of central Italy. And then music, lots of music. This is what tourists and jazz fans will find once again this year in Umbria between December and January, during the winter edition of Umbria Jazz, one of the most important Italian music festivals. More info

Air France plane makes emergency landing due to red hot chili peppers

In a strange incident, an Air France flight with 142 passengers and 14 crew members had to make an emergency landing at Shannon Airport in Ireland. A shipment of real chili peppers in the cargo reportedly put the fire alarms on in the flight and the pilot had to divert the plane to make an emergency landing. More info