What is the easiest way to become a pick pocket’s target on your vacation?

What is the easiest way to become a pick pocket’s target on your vacation?If you are on your vacation and guided by the following models of behavior, be certain that you will be mugged in no time! Therefore, pay attention to your behavior and read a few tips on how NOT to behave, look or act …

You seem lost

Self-confidence is an excellent form of self-defense but it is not to be applied in this case. Just seem confused and frightened, or even better, just stop in the middle of the street and hold a giant map of the city with both hands acting like you have no idea where you are going or where you need to be. In short time, someone will appear and take you to the exact place you DIDN’T want to be…

Carry your wallet in the back pocket of the trousers

Unless you have eyes in the back or superhuman sense of touch at your backside, be sure to put the wallet in your back pocket. This is especially recommended when wearing skinny jeans without buckles or buttons which will better outline the wallet’s contours. Rest assured, everyone will be looking at your backside!

Carry all your assets in one place

Be sure to keep all the money that you brought with you, including credit cards, passport, driver’s license, phone and all your documents in one place. This will enable potential thieves to confiscate “all that is yours” in one go!

Show everyone how much money you have got

When buying something, remove all the money you have from your pocket or purse and hold it in your hand as long as possible and, if possible, wave your arms for everyone to see. There will be no need on write on your forehead “I’m an easy target.”

Stay at the cheapest places you can find

If you choose the cheapest hostel possible in the shady neighborhood, it will be even better. Proven hotels with room safes are cliche and unnecessary waste of money. The darker, the more challenging, is it not?!

Walk alone at night

The denser darkness, the better! This is especially the case in the narrow streets and unfamiliar neighborhoods. The locals are all very friendly and you might end up at some exciting local party.

Be the uniformed tourist

Since you have traveled this far you might want to let everyone know that you are a foreigner?! Then do not dress similar to other locals, but vice versa. Expensive cameras hanging around your neck, hats, purses, backpacks, white socks under sandals etc. are all obligatory travel accessories “for good diversity”!

Ride in the empty wagons

In the subway and in the train, you will rest the best if you are alone in the compartment or maybe not?!

Take a nap in public places

If you haven’t already taken a nap in an empty compartment, then be sure to catch up on sleep on some bench. It will be best to do it in a remote park or the city outskirts. Think carefully whether to lie down on a bench and put the backpack under your head or to put your things beside the bench because that way you will have more room on the bench where you intend to rest…

Be sure to help anyone in trouble!

If a stranger stops you on the street and asks for money, help or just wants to sell you something, you are not going to say no?! You will show your nice upbringing and will not embarrass the country you come from?!

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