International Borders Around The World

Borders are meant to separate, in order to have an organised country-level approach. Orders divide nations, but they never divide people. They are meant to make the world easy to function so that every detail can be looked closely.

So here we are retelling the stories of various borders across the world. Some are friendly and inspiring while some have a chilling story behind them.


Baarle Nassau lies in The Netherlands, and Baarle Hertog lies on the border of Belgium. There are many locations where the borders get so complicated that the houses are bisected because of it.


Mount Everest – Nepal And China

The border of Nepal and China goes right through the Mount Everest. This makes it the highest border in the whole world.


The District Of Columbia- the stone border

The district of Columbia (in red) is a diamond carved out of Maryland. Due to its unusual shape and size the border has some unique features. The border was then marked by placing large stone boulders- 100 in number. Some are missing today but rest of them still secure the border.


Derby Line, Vermont- The USA / Canada border

This borderline passes right through many houses and places. It’s like the meal is cooked in one country but eaten in the other. The opera house is constructed on the border with an effort to bring the countries close. The stage of the opera house lies in Canada and the entrance in the USA.


Korean Demilitarized Zone- The greenest border

Korean Demilitarized Zone is a heavily guarded border between North Korea and South Korea. It is so heavily guarded that nobody enters through the border. This makes it the greenest in the world. This has led to many animals, wild species to breed and grow.


The Diomedes- Looking Straight Into The Next Day

The Diomedes are a pair of islands lying in the Bering Strait. The little Diomede island lies in America and houses a population of 146. The big Diomede island is located in Russia and is lonely. The two islands are located 4 kms away and International Date Line passes through them. So when the people in the little island look at the Bering Strait, they see tomorrow. When it’s 9 PM Saturday night here, it will be 6 AM Sunday morning at the Big Diomede.


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