Low cost air companies – did we get used to them?

These companies have been present in our region for more than 10 years. When Wizz Air conducted its first flight from Belgrade in April 2011, many people already had significant experience in flying with low cost carriers via airports in Budapest or Timisoara. By now, we already have Wizz Air, Vueling, EasyJet, GermanWings, Norwegian. What did we learn so far? 

1. Most importantly, we can rely on the flight schedule and time accuracy of these companies. Flight cancelations or flight time changes are possible, but are not frequent. Even when they do occur they are announced well in advance.


2. They are not to be used when you need to send on a trip a child under the age of 14 because these companies do not offer accompanying service for children. They are not to be used if you are transporting a pet because pets are not allowed on board the flights.

3. Apart from the ticket, you should also print out your boarding pass and pay for the luggage, or you will have to do it at the airport in which case it will cost you dearly. You should also make a reservation for the transport from the airport to the city, because it is much cheaper than to do it on the spot.

4. Always take flight+accommodation+parking option if possible. It is much cheaper than to ask for these services separately. Offers can be excellent.

5. Keep in mind that many low cost companies allow passenger name change which is impossible with regular airline companies.

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