How much is the usage of the mobile devices and applications spread?

According to the data published in January 2014, the total number of the Internet users has exceeded two and a half billion, while the number of mobile phone users reached 93% of the total world population.

More than 60% of them reported they own a device that falls into the category of the smart phones, and for more than a half it is the primary way of accessing the Internet. It is an interesting fact that 80% of the time we spend using the mobile phones, we actually spend using the various applications.

If we take the statistics into account, it is clear enough that these small devices that we constantly hold in our palms, are going to become the “window into the world” in very near future.

Not only in our everyday lives, but also on the travels, our communication with the hotel staff will focus on the usage of the specific applications that will gradually (and this process has already started) replace receptionists, tour guides, information service, curators, and even the waiters.





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