New trends in the hotel industry

In order to survive in the turbulent tourism market, hotel managers tend to follow the trends of the advancing technologies. 

Only those who manage to adjust to the changes will not only gain competitiveness, but would also be more appealing to potential guests, who are becoming more demanding when it comes to choosing the right hotel which will suit their needs.Hotel managers therefore smartly invest in their business, with the goal of achieving cost-effectiveness and reducing human resources. Soon, it will be no surprising that during their stay, from booking the hotel room until the check-out, guests will have no personal contact with the hotel staff. How is that going to be possible?

In the number of hotels throughout the United States, a check-in looks like this – a hostess welcomes the guests with a tablet in her hands. Upon their arrival, the key-card is made for them in real time and the hostess accompanies the tabletguests to their rooms. They are introduced both to the hotel facilities and to the person that will be available for them at any time via messages on the mobile phone applications or through any other mobile device. Even if they do not have them, they will get one to use during their stay, free of charge.A number of hotel services, and hotel business in general, have been based on their active presence on the social networks, through which tourists share their impressions and photos, therefore advertise the hotel for free. That may be, however, both positive and negative. This is up to the hotel managers to monitor the reviews and, if necessary, correct their own mistakes and improve their services in due time. In the near future, it is expected that the hotel guests will have the option to communicate with one another, using the Android and iOS platforms for mobile devices. It is probably only a matter of time when this possibility will be made possible.


Let us now ask you a question – is a proper Internet connection in hotels the investment or just an unnecessary expense?

Although many hotel guests, from businessmen to backpackers, are equipped with various gadgets, the hotels have proven not to be very generous regarding the Internet coverage in the hotel rooms, let alone the networking between the guests and the hotel staff. Still, this service has been extra charged, and the quality of the network and the signal strength is still a subject to discussion.

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