Pecs, Hungary

Pecs is one of the oldest cities in Europe whose history dates back to the ancient second century, when the Romans founded the city Sopianae. Under this name, Pecs first appears in 1235.So, what to begin with and what to mention? Let me begin then.. from the start.

Pecs is the fifth largest city in Hungary located in the southern part of the country, near the border with Croatia and is the capital of the Baranja County. This multicultural city built in the Austro-Hungarian architectural style, and with its fantastic gastronomic offer will definitely not leave you indifferent. It deserves far greater attention among the cities of the continental Europe. In 2010 it was declared the European Capital of Culture. This title is awarded annually to at least one European city that holds it for a year, during which it has the opportunity to point out its cultural life and cultural and historical heritage.

Pécs, Széchenyi square

The historical centre of Pecs is the Central European city that is the richest in the artifacts from the Roman era. This is why UNESCO inscribed it on its list of cultural and historical sites in 2000. Of the many attractions, the most famous one is the Early Christian mausoleum that was the biggest place for the burials made at the two levels with the walls decorated with the motifs from the Old Testament. The best indicator of the history of the city is the central square of István Széchenyi with the mosque of Pasha Gazi Kaszim (with the largest foundation surface in Central Europe), which, although it is the Catholic Church today, still has a symbol of Islam at the top of the dome – a crescent and star. At the square there are the medieval cathedral, the town hall and the municipal building.


Also, there should be mentioned a few more attractions of the city, namely the Cathedral of St. Bertalan from the 12th century, the Barbican tower from the 15th century, Synagogue from 1869, the Postal museum, the Renaissance museum, the museum of Janus Pannonius etc.

For the art lovers there is an unavoidable Zsolnay Cultural Quarter. The factory founder, Miklós Zsolnay, is the former owner of the factory that started manufacturing ceramics in 1852. In this small “town” you can see the entire work of this great artist and his family life. His international fame and recognition of the product quality are the reality to the present day.

Pécs, night lights

All of these sites require a good tour guide to interpret them. Pecs is an amazing city and we need to take a whole day to get introduced to only part of the Turkish history because no other city in Hungary has as many buildings from the Ottoman era as Pecs does.


If you go to Pecs, you should not forget that your are in one of the most famous wine regions in Europe, so if you like to drink and enjoy in this “divine drink”, then you should make sure to visit Villány, a place with the most famous Hungarian wineries and try out some of the best wines in this part of Europe. You can find the accommodation in hotels from 20,00 EUR per night in double room.

These are certainly the reasons why you should add Pecs to your itinerary and visit its surroundings when you travel through Hungary the next time.

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