Replica of Fred Flintstone’s House

Arizona’s 30-acre Flintstones Bedrock City Park and Campground has been up for sale for a couple of years now, but the owner is now actively looking for the new “Wilma and Fred” to take over the park’s operations. The price of living that sweet Yabba Dabba Doo lifestyle? $2 million.

Current owner Linda Speckels built the campground with her late husband in 1972 and raised her five daughters at the attraction. Now 74 years old, Speckels is ready to part with the park. So what are you getting for that tall stack of cash? A fake volcano named Mt. St. Wilma, a brontosaurus slide, life-sized figured of Fred Flintsone, and a restaurant featuring 5-cent coffee (seriously).

Source: travelandleisure

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