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Babylon at threat of disappearing

Babylon is one of the most prized heritage sites in the world. Often referred to as the cradle of civilization, the city is home to important historical sites such as the Ishtar Gate, the Hanging Gardens and the Tower of Babel. However, a visit to this historic city will reveal something unnerving – it is deserted. More info

Inbound tourism may slow down with beer ban in Indonesia

Bali is the most favourite destination in Indonesia. Tourists like to bask in the beaches with Indonesia’s biggest selling brew, Bintang Beer. But access to this beer may get tougher now as the government partly at the behest of Islamic groups will be introducing regulations preventing the sale of the beer at small corner shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets and also in bars and restaurants. More info

Fukushima can`t stop growing tourism any more

The disaster of 2011, an earthquake and successive tsunami, that devastated the Tohoku coastline, killed thousands, and resulted in the worst nuclear crisis in a generation, also brought Japan’s tourism industry to its knees. Growing concerns about radiation discouraged scores of tourists from visiting Japan. More info

Food tourism: The best way to tell a story about destination’s history, culture and people

Cuisine has always been an important part of most travel experiences. The concept of traveling to a destination specifically for its food and beverage (F&B) product is a relatively latest mainstream consumer trend. More info

Tourism – an economic and social phenomenon

Over the decades, tourism has experienced continued growth and deepening ‎diversification to become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. ‎Modern tourism is closely linked to development and encompasses a growing number ‎of new destinations. These dynamics have turned tourism into a key driver for socio-‎economic progress.‎ More info