The way we used to travel and how we will travel in the future…?

Although it may seem like ancient history, not so long ago we travelled crammed in old cars such as Fica and Peglica, we slept in camps and modest union hotels spending our days carefree and barefooted on beaches without children day care, water parks, spa centers, jacuzzis, animators, massagers… we enjoyed it and nothing was missing.

Nothing was missing because it wasn’t there.

We collected rocks and placed them in our bags as souvenirs and now at every step we get stuck in all sorts of “money spending traps” and remember places by what we bought there and not by the memories we made.


In the package with urbanization, globalization and a widening gap between rich and poor, we “adopted” needs of a modern man to such a degree that by now we forgot how to travel other than by planes, air-conditioned cars, “tourist class” buses or using GPS navigation and applications… While enjoying “all inclusive” service and huge swimming pools, it is hard to even reach the sea that we went to for our holiday. Yet, we went to the seaside and we paid dearly for it like we enjoy spending our hard earned money.

Well, dear readers, if you are among those who have just recently become aware that they are actually nothing but a small screw in the giant machine, what do you think, is there a way out for us? Will we finally get tired of “following the beaten path”, get back to nature and become interested in discovering new sceneries and exploring near and far destinations that we know so little of?

Ivana Mišković About Ivana Mišković
PhD student in Tourism. Teaching Assistat at the Faculty of Sport and Tourism. Author of a number of travel articles. Traveller. Explorer.

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