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Sweden is willing to employ workers even from non-EU countries, and all you would need is a valid passport and a work contract. Various jobs can be found online or in a direct contact with your Swedish employer. Norway is also one of the most popular countries to live in the past few years.

“Sweden doesn’t have an immigrant visa system. If one member of the family manages to find a job here, then the whole family can follow”, the Immigration Department stated. To go to Sweden, you only need a valid passport, and everything else is set up with your employer.

If you have friends or relatives in Sweden, they can help you too. Speaking Swedish is not obligatory in the beginning, especially if you are working in the crafts, but speaking English will definitely be considered an advantage. For workplaces requiring a university degree, you have to know Swedish and get your diploma verified. This process lasts about a year. It is almost the same in Norway, where the average working time is 7,5 hours per day, but if you are willing to work more, you have the right to do so. You receive your paycheck once a month, and you have the right for 30 days paid vacation per year.

Those willing to work and live in Germany, will have to find a company who will hire them. That is possible by going through job postings in the newspapers or online. Those speaking fluent German will have an advantage. The average nett paycheck is around 2,000 euro. The company pays for all the medical checks and the transportation costs.

Although, we have to mention, the living expenses are pretty high in these countries. In Sweden and Norway, they are up to 20% higher than in Germany. “For paying your rent, bills, transportation, and food, around 40% of your paycheck is used. The average rent price is 600 euro, but a one bedroom apartment can be found for 400 euro. A construction worker can earn up to 2,500 euro, as well as a teacher, while a dentist earns twice as much. It is best if the apartment is shared by three people” Simonovic said, who works in Sweden maintaining buildings.

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